HI everyone!! I missed you last week!!

I managed to do a quick tutorial but last week was a tough one, so unfortunately, my sewing had to take a backseat. I made a commitment to myself that I would sew every Thursday without fail. So I did go into my studio late Thursday night and gathered up some tulle, but that was about it!

Well I am back on track and ready to get to work this week! So…. the 1st thing I am going to work on this week is a blue peplum top, and I am planning on re-purposing this dress instead of making it from scratch. Do you have an unwanted knit dress in your wardrobe and want to sew-along? Design details below…

IMG_6626 IMG_6627


This is a dress I bought sometime last year and never wore. I tried it on once and it was big on me. I meant to take it in, but I just don’t think I am going to wear it. So…  I am going chop this baby up and re-construct it. I am going to preserve the hemming on the neckline and sleeves and I will be using the fabric from the skirt to create the peplum. I want a full peplum and this is the overall look I am going for:






PATTERN: For the base pattern, I will probably use a self drafted pattern I used HERE. I wont touch the neckline as it is beautifully hemmed.

Peplum: I will self draft the peplum using this technique that I documented HERE

SEWING: After I de-construct the top at the sleeves , side seams and waist, I will resize the sleeves and top and then re-attach the sleeves using this easy method I documented HERE

I am truly hopeful that I will also be able to make a pair of skinny jeans or capri pants to go with this peplum. Ambitious for a day of sewing, but a girl can dream, right?

Are you sewing something? I’d love to hear from you 🙂

Until next time, Happy Sewing!!



4 Comments on Behind The Seams: Repurpose with a purpose

  1. Great idea to repurpose clothes that you don’t wear anymore. I shall be digging into my closet and see what I can come up with. I will love to see how your peplum turns out. Great inspiration!

  2. Hola: Hope all is well. I really enjoyed reading this post. What a great idea to repurpose a garment. I can visualized how great it is going to turn out. I can’t wait to see your peplum I know it will be “dinomite”. 😉

    PS: I received the pattern. Thanks sew much. I can’t wait to go into my sewing room to make it. Fortunately, my sister recovered well from her stroke. Unfortunately, they had to put a pacemaker to keep her heart rate at a safe rate. I won’t be at my home for another two weeks. I am staying at her home right now. I was trying to read the pattern at the hospital, but there was to much happening at the time. I hope to read all of it this weekend; since I brought it along with me. 🙂

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