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I wanted to share my Easter dress pictures with you. I was so super excited about my Easter dress.. I was initially hoping to make a dress with floral fabric but didn’t have much luck finding any at my local fabric stores. I ended up using a silk fabric that I had sitting in my fabric stash.

I decided to do a franken-pattern since I started so late on Saturday. I used these patterns below. I took the bodice from view A of Mccalls M7126 and the skirt from view C of Mccalls M6955.



Here is what I came up with:





Yes, that is a black zipper. Don’t judge! I was sewing this at midnight…


This below is my Bollywood “falling in love ” pose 🙂

IMG_6821 Love the full circle skirt. The fabric drapes so nicely. It was soft and lightweight, perfect for Easter. The weather yesterday was so nice too.




And now…the more important part of this post… Our first Mommy and Me outfit! I finished my dress at midnight… and then started my daughters dress. Hers is a quick 2 piece outfit. I lined her skirt with the same lining as mine. Amazing what a little bit of scrap fabric can so right? If you ask me, she wore it best 🙂



Here she is giving me some lovies after Church….




And the entire family decided to make a guest appearance :0)

IMG_0687 (1)



PATTERN: FrankenPattern!!!I took the bodice from view A of Mccalls M7126 and the skirt from view C of Mccalls M6955.

FABRIC: I used a silk from my fabric stash. I don’t know much about it since it was given to me by my mum. The only thing I can tell you is that she bought it from a silk exhibition in Chandigarh, India. SInce I highly doubt any of you are interested in making that trip, you can find similar fabric HERE if you would like to re-create this look.

SEWING: The dress is easy to sew, but it is time-consuming. Not ideal for a last-minute project!

I hope that this inspired you to create something! Did you sew or shop for your Easter outfit? I want to see! Let me know what you wore and how you styled it 🙂


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  1. I’ve just had the opportunity to read this post and I must say that you are so funny! Your posts are enjoyable to read. Getting to your dress and that cutie patootie’s dress, they are absolutely beautiful! We both were up burning the midnight oil, lol! I had to laugh about the black zipper, because more times than none, I will not have the correct color zipper in my garments. So,much so that I’m starting to believe it is my inherited trademark! I think it lends a little whimsy and certainly creative license, who knows it’s not intentional unless you tell us (wink)! However, beautiful job on both dresses, and that color is stunning on you! I’m sure your hubby was proud to have two very beautiful and well put together women on his arm Sunday!

  2. I feel pretty
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    I feel charming
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    It’s alarming how charming I feel
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    That I hardly can believe I’m real

    See the pretty girl in that mirror there?
    Who can that attractive girl be?
    Such a pretty face
    Such a pretty dress
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    I feel stunning
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    When I saw this post, the above song from “West Side Story” came to my mind. LOL. ;- ) You did such a beautiful job with this dress. The color and fabric choice were perfect. You both look like royal “Queen & Princess”. :- )
    I do like the circle skirt and those princess seams on the bodice.

    The family photo is so beautiful, thanks for sharing with us. Ya make such a lovely couple and your daughter is just as beautiful as her mother. I am certain papa would agree. ;- ) I like how he coordinated his tie to match ya. I can totally relate with what “Alethia” said regarding the zipper. It does not look bad. I liked the Bollywood pose, cute and dramatic. LOL.

    By the way, is the dress fully lined or just the skirt? Secondly, how did you make your hem? Did you use Horse Hair Braid? Lastly, if possible could you do a tutorial on how to best lined garments and how to select the right linning for the sewing project. I have yet to line a project, but I want to conquer my fear. Thanks sweetie. :- )


    • Hola Hola!! Thank you Senora Lopez! How was your Easter? I did appreciate hubby co-ordinating his tie 🙂

      The dress is fully lined, the silk was really light weight and using an apparel lining gave it stability. I lined the bodice and skirt.. No, I did not use horse hair braid.. just a normal narrow hem.

      Yes, I would be more than happy to do a tutorial on lining a garment.. and personally I feel the best way to learn is on a dress or blouse that is sleeveless and have 3 openings (neck, arms and back zipper). I have a method I use that makes it super dooooper easy and clean finishes the neckline and armholes all in one go!

      I will try to explain the hem here but will also document it with pictures at a later time. For the hem I use 3 steps. A bit time consuming but comes out great

      Step 1: serge the entire hem (skip if no serger available)
      Step 2: using the serge as a guide, fold under once and sew all around the hem
      Step 3: Fold over again and sew all around the hem.

      For some reason this technique get rid of all the wrinkling you would expereince if you simply folded over 2ice and tried to sew it down. I always backstitch at the start and end. And I use a large stitch length.

      Hope this helps!!!

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