It’s hard for me to believe that July has come to an end and it’s already august. With “back to school” being advertised everywhere, it feels like summer is almost over, even though we have 52 days left until the end of summer. Talking about back to school… Can you believe this cute little human is starting preschool next month?!!!!


When I think of august, I think of white and yellow. It’s still summery and warm and really wants me to catch up on all the cute summer clothes I didn’t make. Before I get into the items I MUST make in August,  I want to recap what I make in July and how much I enjoyed them.


I made this striped dress that I absolutely adore. It is so simple and yet one of the favourite dresses I have made this year. You can read more about this dress HERE and HERE



I also made my first pair of shorts ever! Loved these and plan on getting some good use out of these for the rest of the summer. You can read more about this project HERE and HERE


Moving on to my August projects… I am really feeling inspired to make a pair of white denim skinny jeans. I feel like these are a must have. I could pair these with so many existing tanks and tops. White skinny jeans would be so easy to pair with peplum tops, button downs or casual tees. Mine won’t be distressed and will fit more like skinny jeans and less like jeggings.


I am also in need of a comfortable and practical pair of jeans to replace my current straight leg denim jeans. So this will be my second project for August. As a mom of a toddler entering her terrific twos, I need practical clothes, while still looking stylish.



If I am lucky, I will be able to throw in some simple tops to pair with these pants. Wish me luck for my august projects. These two pieces will transition perfectly in to my pre-fall and fall wardrobe.

What did you make in July and what are your sewing goals for August? I would love to hear! Leave me a comment below.


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  1. Hello! I discovered your blog via PatternReview. I love hanging out there! You have very classy taste & I’ve enjoyed reading about your projects. I have a 4 year old starting preschool this week as well & I am usually always making something for her wardrobe. She’s got tons of dresses, but I’m going to start on some winter stuff. I also have a few dress patterns I’m starting on for myself & several tops. What I usually slack on is on my pattern reviews & blog posts. I need to carve out some time for that…Anyways, looking forward to your skinny jeans updates. Have you checked out the Ginger Jeans pattern? -Talk to you soon, -Marsi

    • HI Marsi!

      Thank you so much! I love PR too.. I used to be a lot more active on the forums a few years ago and took a couple classes there too! I have not sewn much for my daughter yet, mainly because of lack of time and also because she is growing so quickly!

      Now that your daughter is starting pre-school, you could find time to sew for yourself! I have not used Ginger Jeans pattern yet. I am currently creating a pattern from my favorite pair of skinny jeans and hope to sew them up tomorrow.

      Nice to meet you and welcome!
      -Vatsla 🙂

    • HI Alicia! Thank you! I am done drafting the front leg, back leg, toke and waist band. Now just need to figure out adding the fly front zipper before I can start cutting. I am pretty much going to copy over that part from the shorts.

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