Happy Humpday Y’all…

I’m back with another shade of white! If you havent noticed, I have been all about shades of white lately.. My last 2 sewing projects have been in some shade of white. I made these white jeans recently and also this off white peplum

Now moving on to my latest obsession with white… Here is a dress that I designed as part of my eight piece collection way back when in fashion school…


I have not worn this dress in forever.. matter of fact, that last time I wore it was for my graduation party…I wore this to Church last Sunday…The fabric I used was a mens suiting fabric. Oh how I miss the fabric stores in San Francisco…IMG_8699

Let’s talk about the design details of this dress…I designed this dress using my sloper that I drafted while in school. For those of you who don’t know what a sloper is, it is a blue print of your body, drafted using your own measurements. It lacks wearing ease, design ease, and has no design elements. It looks like a pattern with a few darts and notches. The sloper is then used to manipulate darts to create design variations.


On the bodice, I created an inverted box pleat on the centre front, and manipulated all the darts into the pleats along the neckline. I like how the darts are pointing away from the centre of the body. The inverted box pleat does its own thing and opens up for an interesting effect. How cool would it be if it were in a contrasting color, that would be interesting too! On the waist, I have a wide waist band connecting the bodice and the skirt. This creates a slimming effect. Who doesn’t want that right?


The skirt is a simple pencil skirt with darts on the front.The back is fairly simple. on the bodice,  I have shoulder darts and waist darts. On the skirts, darts on the back and a pencil fit. I did not draft a slit in the skirt, but I should have.. Hey! This was my 1st dress I designed ever… so I am allowed to make mistakes!


Here is the side view.. although … can i bring your attention to my iris? Its blooming in late summer! Was not expecting that. What a pleasant surprise!


To style this outfit, I went with choco brown super pointy pumps, a chunky orange necklace, and this bright yellow bag I previously wore with my all white outfit  HERE


Now.. I have to say this dress fits a lot more snug now compared to when I designed it. I have gained a good 10 lbs since then. I had a baby since, gained 40 lbs, lost it all, and breastfed for 2 years. Needless to say, my body is not the same as it used to be. But I have to say, I like the way it fits now as opposed to before.. It has less wearing ease now.. so it was tight when sitting down.. which is also why I only use wovens with stretch now! I need to be able to breathe if I gain a few lbs!

What a difference 10 lbs makes! This is the same dress worn a few years ago!


And before I receive any complements on how beautifully tailored this garment is, let me tell you that I did not sew this up. This is my design (from scratch), which means I came up with the design, sketched it, created a flat sketch and did the pattern making and sewed up the muslin for fitting, but because I was on such a time crunch back then, I hired a sample makes to sew this dress from my final pattern.  I WISH I could sew this beautifully, but I am still learning..

That’s all for now. I have not sewn much in the last few weeks. Got busy with the kiddo starting pre-school.. It’s all about the toddler right now.. Once we get in a routine, hopefully by next week, you will be seeing more of me!


-Vatsla 🙂

14 Comments on Oldie but Goodie- Off White Day Dress

  1. OMG girl, you are KILLIN’ IT!!! Looking forward to you possibly doing a video tutorial on this style too. LOVE both looks with the hair pinned up and let down.

    GOOD JOB!!!


  2. Looks terrific on you! Much more flattering now after baby, imo. If you ever make another one, the only suggestion ( if I may ) is to do a blind hem to keep the dress more polished. But other than that, it is a beautiful design!

  3. Timeless — obviously! Looks fantastic, then and now. I confess that I have never quite understood slopers. Why not just make a muslin? But if this is the result of having a sloper, maybe I should learn!

    • HI Cissie! Thank you 🙂

      A sloper is like a pattern made to your exact meaurments, one that is drafted from scratch.. its kinda like architecture! The sloper is on tag (thick manilla paper that comes on rolls). If you were to cut fabric from a sloper and sew it up, the garment would fit you like a second skin. There is no wearing ease or design ease in it. It is used as a template to design new garments. So if I design 5 dresses from my sloper, they will all fit pretty well for the most part, and need minor alterations. Now looking at the opposite scenario, if I make 5 dresses from 5 different patterns, I will need 5 different muslins and the alteration on each could vary significantly. But there are pros and cons of each. For example if you design everything from a sloper, you are often re-inventing the wheel.. but hey! The wheel fits!

      I am at a point now where i dont make muslins now if I am using my sloper.. I just create a pattern, sew it up and then alter as needed…

      If you are interested in slopers I can get you some more information!

  4. I actually think it looks better on you now! I went to design school too and my finished pieces loves awful because I was a lousy seamstress. People are always surprised designers don’t always sew well.

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