Hi Fashionistas!!!

I have missed you. I have been a busy little sewing bee. Earlier this year when I started thinking about my bucket list, making a winter coat was one of the items on my list. And that is what I have been working on for the last seven days….


When I started thinking about coat making, I had a structured coat in mind. I have always been fascinated with the structure that goes inside a tailored jacket or coat, so I decided I wanted shoulder pads, I wanted hair canvas and pad stitching, I wanted sleeve headings, I wanted it all!!!


I chose to go with a design that was a bit millitary-esque. I exaggerated the neckline for a more dramatic look and used custom-made shoulder pads to add structure to the garment.  I also used hair canvas throughout the neckline to make sure it would stand up.


I really am in love with this neckline…It’s oh-so-majestic!


If you look at my inspiration pic, you will see that my version is very similar to it, with minor variations. Since time was of the essence, I decided to take a ready-made pattern and modify it instead of making my own pattern from scratch. (This post may contain affiliate links)


The pattern I used as a base is Vogue 8346 view A, and modified the pattern accordingly to match my inspiration. The main pattern alterations I made included changing the front bodice, and the collar. I also lengthened the coat by an inch and a half.  Of course I made a muslin. I actually ended up with three iterations.

Moving on to one of my favorite things about this coat… Not only does it have the gorgeous stand up collar that I wanted, it also converts into a gorgeous shawl collar. I mean… two looks in one?! That’s what I’m talking about!



I styled this coat with one of my favorite cowl neck chunky sweaters, a classic double stand of vintage pearls, My favorite skinny jeans and the boots with the furrrrr!!!!!IMG_0587

And the coat looks just as nice with the buttons undone. It’s such a classic pointy shawl collar. It’s not a true shawl collar because I did preserve the original collar from the centre back seam to the shoulder seam.


But no coat is complete with a fabulous lining….. so I lined this coat with a pretty silky fabric just like I did on my wool cape last month!


This was my first time making in-seam pockets.  In-seam pockets are actually really easy to sew!  I am not sure why I was shying away from them!



I am just loving the back of this coat. The seams pressed beautifully. The fabric was a dream to work with. The lining was so beautiful, it made me want to get up and dance and sing. (And y’all know I cant sing)

One of the reasons I love sewing so much is that you never stop learning! Here are the new techniques I learned while working on this project:

  • How to set in a fabulous sleeve (I combined 3 techniques to get the perfect set in sleeve)
  • How to create custom shoulder pads
  • The hybrid method of tailoring that combined fusibles and padstitching.
  • I need an industrial machine (Honey, are you listening?!!!!)

Since this was my very 1st coat, I knew I needed the right guidance. Depending on the web and you tube can be tricky, especially when you get into topics like tailoring. So I turned to the experts! I previewed a bunch of classes on craftsy during October, when they had the all access pass, and chose 2 classes that suited me best. I chose a class about shape and structure and another one about tailoring. If you are considering making your first coat, or improving your coatmaking skills, I HIGHLY recommend these two classes. The instructor Alison Smith is an excellent teacher, I loved her method of delivery and she is prompt and thorough with her responses. I truly enjoyed studying with her. I did a review of both of these craftsy classes HERE if you are interested in taking them.


I also did this coat as a part of Sew Along hosted by Erica Bunker DIY Style. Since the sleeves are the trickiest, I combined my knowledge of the class as well as Erica’s advice to get the sleeve set in nicely. If you have not seen Erica Bunker’s blog, check her out. She is an excellent seamstress and an inspiration to many!


Over all, this was a really amazing project. I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Leave me a comment and let me know what you think about it! I will be doing a “Behind The Seams” blog post on the making of this garment, so you can come into my workshop and take a virtual tour of all that went into making this coat!

And until next time, happy sewing!


-Vatsla 🙂

ps- Behind The Seams update below…


Normally I take you “Behind The Seams” of all my sewing projects and show you how you can make your own version, but since this was such a large scope project, it deserves a post of its own! Ill be talking in detail of what went inside the garment, the hair canvas, the shoulder pads, sleeve headings and all that jazz! So stay tuned, and please subscribe to my facebook page if you are interested in more!




39 Comments on The Seven Day Coat: Vogue 8346 Modified

  1. Your coat is amazing! The fit and style are perfect on you. I am so far away from this level of sewing, but you do provide such inspiration on what a person can do. Beautiful!

    • Thank you Nancy! Sewing is so much about confidence building in addition to skill building. Once you conquer a skill, its no longer intimidating. If you ever decide to make a coat, let me know and I can walk you through the easiest options. Coat making is not hard, but there are many steps involved and its a large scope project. I am happy to help!

  2. Wow, what a perfect first time adventure into tailoring. Your coat turned out beautiful! and what a great job of modifying to make it your own. I too, am not ready for that level of sewing yet but when the time comes I hope my first attempt is as successful as yours. You look so pretty and stylish in all of your creations, thanks for sharing your skills and giving inspiration.

    • Hi Eryn! I actually started after most people were wrapping up, but given there was no schedule, I did it more for the motivation. You can do it whenever you decide. I am happy to help if you have any questions!


  3. Hi I have been following your posts and love your clothes. This coat is amazing. I have recently bought the vogue pattern as I just love it. II went to a dressmaking class this year as I hadn’t done any dressmaking for 20years. I have made a lined dress, a pair of trousers and almost finished my first coat. Interestly, I bought the Craftsy tutorials by Alison Smith after Realising the coat was much harder than I anticipated. Thank you so much for your great posts and advise.

    • HI Zoe!
      Looks like you jumped right back into sewing! How awesome! I loved Alison’s classes. She is so responsive. Prior to her classes, I had only make a summer jacket and it was not as complex.. I LOVED her class and so glad you are taking it as well! Please be in touch!

  4. I’ve had this pattern in my stash for awhile and have wanted to modify the collar to make it look asymmetrical somehow and have a beautiful fur to add to it as well. I was completely unsure of exactly how I wanted it to look until I saw your post! Your modifications are really close to what I have been thinking for my own and will absolutely use yours as inspiration. I’ve been sewing quite some time, but this will be my first coat and I’m pretty intimidated…I want to get it right! Is there a post with details on the modifications you made? The inner construction for the stability of the (amazing) modified neckline is what intimidates and interests me the most. Details? Advice?

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