I am about to break my Ready To Wear Fast today after one year and five days.

I decided to observe the 2015 RTW Fast in January 2015, and that happened to coincide with the time I started my blog.

The last time I purchased clothes was December 28, 2014. I met a dear friend Kristina for breakfast and then we headed out on our shopping adventures.

Well, Its Jan 2, 2016 now and its been one year and 5 days. When I started the fast, I knew I had the discipline to not purchase a single piece of clothing in 2015. I took this fast mainly because it would help me accomplish my goal, which was to improve my skill, and learn how to make better garments. Looking back I can truly say that the fast made me push myself to expand my creativity.

Today, I can shop again.. but the questions is… do I want to shop? I am not surprised that I don’t feel excited about shopping. Do I really want to try on five pairs of jeans in hopes that one fits?

Maybe the excitement will hit me when I look at clothes on the rack, or when I actually try something on. The problem is, I cannot help but think about the fact that I know nothing about who made this garment, whether they were working under decent conditions, or whether it was made in a facility where people work for less than minimum wage, in inhumane conditions..

You see, the image of the “Last Embrace” is forever burned in my memory… If you don’t know what the last embrace is, it has to do with the Bangladesh Factory collapse a few years ago


My current feelings: I am going to go shopping, however I am not sure what I will buy. We shall see.. I don’t think I am going to go back to mainly wearing RTW, but I do feel the need to buy some basic layering items, some basic tees, maybe a pair of jeans.. but I will just have to report back on how it goes.

If I had to describe my current mood, I would say “Awkward” . It feels awkward and strange to be going shopping. I have not looked at clothes in over a year, I have not even browsed the garments racks, I have not been in a fitting room. It honestly feels strange.. As my dear friend Vik would put it “I am feeling some kinda way”…

Anyways.. I felt the need to come pen down my feelings..Now I am off to look for some wardrobe basics.. and for support, I am taking my mum along.. If nothing else, it will be a fun mom and daughter outing!

Happy New Year all!!!

See you soon!




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  1. Vatsla thank you so much this post! This is a goal I set for this year (and true coming years) is to avoid RTW and see this image really made me rethink where clothing is made. Thank you!!!!

  2. Vatsla, thank you so much for posting this, especially for including the picture. What a powerful image. The garments you make are beautiful and congrats on your success with the RTW fast. One habit I really want to develop this year (I seem to have more success this way than with resolutions) is to live in a more mindful, intentional manner. So when I do buy RTW, I’ll do a little research to check out the conditions under which the garments were made. It might not hurt to do the same with our fabric purchases. All the best as you continue to bring us your beautiful blog.

  3. Vatsla, I am right there with you. I am feeling some kind of way. I do feel awkward, and not at all excited with the idea of buying RTW. Like you, there are basics that I will buy (eventually). Why is it so hard to make ourselves make basics?

  4. Thank you for posting the devastating photo. Brings tears to my eyes. They died while making a living with the simplest and most innocent of activities — sewing clothes. How can that be so dangerous?
    And, congratulations on completing a year of the RTW fast. I’m still “fasting” – just completed my 6th year of the RTW fast, where now it’s part of my life.

  5. I’ve never seen that photo before. I’m traumatized. I feel just as ambivalent about shopping and I used to LOVE it. It doesn’t interest me now, but then there are things that make more sense to buy. I don’t really see myself ever making a down filled coat. But a basic t-shirt can be made in a couple of hours so why go shopping for one? Good post.

  6. This is such an awesome post! Thank you for sharing this photo…. it really makes this topic even more real.

    I, personally haven’t officially fasted from RTW, however I do feel “different” about shopping for clothes since I started really sewing for myself. I have ano appreciation for the way clothes are made and… it is awkward to shop now!

    Getting the basics is a good idea. Make yourself the statement pieces!

    I can’t wait to see more of your journey!


  7. What an awesome accomplishment. you have encouraged me to take this journey for 2016 🙂 I just have one exception. Last minute formal gown if needed. But I am only allowed 1. Stay tune, I will be blogging my progress

  8. Oh my gosh, I saw that documentary and was just heartbroken! I salute you for your fast and don’t feel any type of way for finding a better way to clothe yourself!

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