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I am so excited to be doing this post because this is my very first time doing it, since I started my blog in Jan of 2015! It has been so amazing being able to document what I made. Here is a run down of almost everything I made in 2015. Links to all projects are included incase you want to sew the look!

8 TOPS: 
Looks like I made more tops than any other category. And it makes sense because I am a mainly a SAHM. I live in jeans.. and prefer a cute and comfy top!

From left to right:
Actually there is one more that I have not blogged about yet, so total of 9 tops:
PicMonkey Collage






I am a bit surprised that I only made 4 skirts, given that I love skirts! I guess its time for me to upgrade my wardrobe and become more stylish!




Nautical shortsWhite Jeans, Black Pants, , Christmas PJ’s, Palazzo pants (since demoted to pajamas)


2 Outerwear garments:
Cape and winter coat
5 outfits for my little human


As you can imagine, it is close to impossible to get a picture in focus of a toddler.. but here is the best I got..


Tulle dress, leopard dress, Easter Dress, Christmas Eve service dress and Christmas PJ’s


There are also a couple other things that didn’t make it to the blog.. a skirt and a disaster dress.. so that is 2 more. So a total of 33 garments in 2016.. Not too shabby..More coming in 2016..
Thanks so much for reading this.. I so enjoyed writing about my sewing adventures in 2015.. The fun continues!!!


Hope you are having a wonderful start to the year!



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  1. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Your garments are amazing and they fit you so well! I would say that your first year of blogging has been a great success. Keep up the great work. By the way, I am sure you must be told all the time that you look just like Cher, in her younger years of course!

  2. I adore and want everything you make. You have to be the most stylish SAHM ever! Back in the day, I didn’t look so good! Now I am a SAHGM, constantly inspired by you. I try to tell myself to get up and fake it, even if I don’t want to. That means, dress for the day!!

  3. Sug!!! What an amazing accomplishment…so many garments in a year! And, I echo the other’s compliments, you wear them all very well!!! And, might I add, you do look like Cher in her younger years…beautiful!!! Keep up the great work!

  4. Love your style, so glad I found your blog! You inspire me to sew more and think outside the box.
    I look forward to seeing whats coming for 2016. Thank you for the tutorials as they have been so helpful in my advanced beginning level.
    The Lord blessed you with a wonderful gift thank you for sharing it with us.
    God bless you and your sweet family

  5. You have made so many amazing garments and I am inspired. I just started my own blog this month and can only hope I can do half as much in one year. And half as well! 🙂

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