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Here is my latest sewing project: A super voluminous box pleated circle skirt made with a bottom weight fabric that has texture and looks embroidered. The skirt is self drafted/free-handed. Details on how to make the pattern are on the bottom of this post.




For a casual look, I chose to pair this skirt with a loose and flowy top.
For a more dressed up look, I chose to pair this skirt with my favorite button down and some tan pumps

Here is a view of the side and the back:


IMG_0399  IMG_0410


This skirt was fun and easy to make. I would not recommend this as a beginner project, but if you have made a circle skirt with a waist band before, then this is a good project to make. While is not difficult or advanced, it is time consuming. Read below if you want to draft and make your own (or take a commercial pattern and use that)


This skirt has a good amount of twirl factor, and the movement is just gorgeous.. To get this volume, I basically drafted a full circle skirt for myself. Then I cut 3 full circle skirts from the pattern. All pieces were a half doughnut cut on the fold of the fabric. I ended up with 6 panels (6 half doughnuts) that I seamed together. After that I free handed some box pleats on the waist. I did not measure or calculate. I just added pleats that are about 2 inches on the top. I also drafted the waist band. If you want to draft your own circle skirt, watch my video:

I used about 5 yards of this fabric. It is a cotton/lycra bottomweight with the look of embroidery on the surface. I have some leftover and will be making a dress for my daughter soon.


I hope you enjoyed reading this. I love this skirt. I might not wear it very often but this will be in my wardrobe for a very long time and I will definitely wear it to the next dressed up girls night out!
Sew you next time!

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  1. I really love this skirt and would love more information on how you made it. I can’t seem to find the second video you mentioned making or the work sheet anywhere. Also it appears that your video does not leave allowances for the extra fabric needed to add pleats is that correct? I would love to see an actual breakdown of this skirt. I’ve looked all over the web but I can’t find anything specific on this look 🙁 Such a shame because these are so popular right now.

    • Hi Cat!

      No problem! I’ll be happy to explain in further detail. Let me know if this makes sense..

      Here are the steps to follow:

      1. draft a full circle skirt using this video :
      https://youtu.be/27Ynl9Y1RNk. Use this cheat sheet below


      2. Use the pattern that you made in step 1 and cut out 6 pieces on fold . If you were cutting one skirt, you would cut 2 on fold, but you are now cutting 3 full skirts, so that is 6 pieces.

      3. At this point, all the 6 cut pieces of fabric should look like half donuts, Next seam all the 6 panels together on the side seams. Now you are going to have one LONG panel. So now, the extra 4 panels we added are essentially you allowance to accommodate the pleats.

      4. Then on the waist, start creating box pleats. I did not use any formal measurements for this. I eyeballed the width of the pleats and made sure to keep them around 2 inches wide . But if you want to be more technical, you could perhaps lay the skirt down, and pin and measure each pleat before commenting to sewing them. If you do it my way, don’t be surprised if you are left with excess fabric. I simply chopped off what I did not need. For example. My waist is 24 ish. After I was done pleating, the skirt waist ended up being around 30, so I just chopped off the excess..

      Let me now if this makes sense. Its been so long since I did the circle skirt tutorial so I had to go back and review it to make sure we were on the same page.

      Hope this helps! Also- I also answer sewing questions on my FB page , so feel free to connect with me there as well. Here is a link


    • HI Liv!

      I would not recommend slippery fabrics like satins, silkies etc. Also stay away from sheers. To get the kindof drape and body I have in this skirt, I would recommend fabric that is on the thicker side. Here are some suggestions: Light to medium scuba knit, light neoprene, bottom weight fabrics like twill, stretch twill, denim, cotton sateen. Also stay away from sheers. If unsure, use a small amount of the fabric to make the pleats and see how they drape. Hope this helps!


  2. What if you wanted to have even more pleats like very small barely an inch wide pleats? what would you need to change about it? If you look up the Panama pollera dresses I want to make a skirt like that and it looks like it might be a pleated floor length circle skirt.

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