Hi Fashionistas!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying the summer. It is HOT here. Sunday was 100 degrees and today felt even hotter.

To beat the heat, I made these mommy and me dresses in a linen




I used a 100% linen fabric that was originally in a gold color. I decided to dye the fabric to a brighter yellow. I love a bright yellow and it felt more summer appropriate.

Both her and my dress have a keyhole opening on the back, with vintage buttons..


Here is a better view of the back…



Her dress is completely self drafted while mine is a New look that was modified…because I just can’t sew straight out the envelope.. I promise I have an uncontrollable desire to change things up. Details on how I modified the pattern are at the end of the post. I drafted the lantern sleeves myself..

Here is the side view. I LOVE the big sleeves.. so dramatic!


I really wanted to sew up a tunic look, so I chose a size 14, which is larger than my size. Since the pattern is made for knits, I took a flat pattern measurement for a top that I liked and used that measurement to determine which size to cut.



I added a bow to the front of her dress. She calls is “bowtique”. If you are familiar with cartoons, it has to do with Minnie Mouse.. 🙂 Oh and check out the photobomb! There is no pattern.. I just free-handed the bow and the skirt.. I did flat pattern the bodice for her..




I had a picture of her button too, but with all that hair its hard to see anything (she get it from her mamma 🙂


I chose these vintage buttons from a box full of goodies I picked up at an estate sale recently…Just love these little details…



PATTERN: I used New Look 6428  which is meant for a form-fitting knit dress, but I modified it. I chose this pattern because view D has french darts and I wanted those. I cut a size 14 which would give me a loser fit. I made the following pattern alterations:

  • Lower the neckline on front bodice by 1/2 inch
  • create a keyhole on the back neckline
  • shorten the sleeves to accommodate the lantern part
  • Self drafted the “lantern” portion of the sleeve

I also modified the facings since I made changes to the neckline and created the keyhole on the back .


This was my original sketch… you can see why I picked the New Look pattern… even though its meant for knits.. the pattern view D had french darts and 3/4 sleeves which makes it a good base for my bodice..


FABRIC: I used a gorgeous 100% Linen. It was originally a gold color and I dyed it a bright yellow to meet the shade of my inspiration garment. The original color is on the left.. desired color on the right.


This was my 1st time dyeing fabric. I am very pleased with the way it turned out.


I hope you enjoyed my DIY project and that this inspired you to sew 🙂 Let me know what you are working on at the moment.. I’d love to hear from you.. also check out my ongoing projects on my Facebook page.

Until next time!




16 Comments on Mommy and Me Dressed in Linen

  1. Just fabulous, as always Vatsla! I have been planning to sew a similar style. Are you going to show us how you drafted those sleeves??? That would be awesome, thanks!

  2. I loved watching you go through the process of creating these beautiful dress. You and little Jazz look so beautiful. Keep creating my friend. Blessings!

  3. Wow this is really great! I love those big sleeves. And the dyed fabric is over the top! I love that color. Nice bow on your daughter’s dress. Gotta love a bow!

  4. Wow, wow, wow – what a great look for the two of you!
    I love the sleeves, have made a dress with sleeves like
    this last year and adore it.
    Looking forward to more sewing news from you!!!
    Love, Eva

      • I experimented with bell sleeves – on a knitted pullover though, made from somewhat sparkly cotton/ silk tread.
        They are long and have a 6 inch split on the inner side
        seam which gives a dramatic touch to the garment, just
        like your lovely dress.
        Maybe an idea for a sewn garment as well???

  5. I always look forward to your posts as they are so creative and inspiring and now dying fabric too! Your dresses are just beautiful and those sleeves really set it off. Your little photobomb/sidekick is sew precious, love the bow nice touch.
    Until next time.

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