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Hope you are having a good week so far! This morning I woke up to an email from Craftsy and it got me so excited about sewing to Fall and winter. They currently have a few classes on sale for under $20 and I wanted to review one that I took last year that totally changed the game for me.

Last winter I knew nothing about coat making (except that I wanted to make one!) So I signed up for shape and structure  and was able to turn my inspiration picture into reality.

PicMonkey Collage

Here is my coat. I also took tailoring class.  If you are considering making your first coat, or improving your coatmaking skills, I HIGHLY recommend these two classes.


The instructor Alison Smith is an excellent teacher, I loved her method of delivery and she is prompt and thorough with her responses. I truly enjoyed studying with her.

I got this email this morning and it reminded me I promised to review this class a while back. Seriously.. where does the time . l’ll need to go back and watch the class to refresh my memory. That is another thing I love about these classes …you have lifelong access to them.



Since this was my 1st time making a coat, I had to learn about suitable fabrics, setting in a sleeve, creating custom shoulder pads, using hair canvas, pad stitching etc.. These 2 classes taught me all that and more.. and upped my confidence.. I mean once you make a coat, you can make anything!

Here are some “Behind The Seams” pics of the coat…what goes inside a coat is just fascinating to me! What do you think?


IMG_9722 IMG_9702 IMG_9724


IMG_9715  IMG_9713

You can see all the details of the coat and two ways to wear it HERE

I also made this jacket.. the jacket could use improvements. They say that a picture tells a thousand words.. In my opinion, a picture hides a thousand flaws.. While a garment can look amazing in pictures, its only upon close inspection that you can find the flaws.. for example, the lapel on this one was sitting away from the body. I would like to make a blazer this year again.. and to improve on last year I am thinking of signing up for Modern Jacket Techniques to attempt another jacket to blazer this winter.

IMG_0043 IMG_0118

You can see all the details of this jacket and how I styled it two ways HERE

I hope this review helped. Is anyone up for making a coat and jacket this year? Let me know.. I’ll be making mine and would love to hear about yours.



Vatsla. 🙂

ps. I’ll be posting the progress of my projects on my FB page as always


14 Comments on Behind The Seams – Craftsy Class Review

  1. Thank you for this class review. I am not interested in taking this class right now, but I might be interested some day. I enjoy your blog!

  2. Gorgeous coat! I would love to learn how to make coats. Do you think a newbie would be able to do this after taking those classes?

    • If you have successfully made a dress, I would say yes. I would definitely suggest using a fabric that works with you instead of against you. Fabric selection can be crucial for that 1st coat.. I used the “hybrid” method of tailoring and picked one of the easier fabrics.. Let me know what you decide!

  3. I met (found you on periscope ) while you were making your cape then continued watching you when you were making the coat and the jacket. It was very interesting and informative viewing and you did a wonderful job on each project.

  4. Hi Vatsla!

    Thank you for your review!

    I have both classes and watched them already, but don’t yet have the courage to attempt making a coat .. Also finding all the supplies (horsehair, tape, etc.) is a challenge. Not sure about the fabrics and which are easier to work with; what did you use?

    Your coat looks awesome btw!


    • Thanks Rimma. I used a melton wool coating fabric. The other supplies are available online. I got my haircanvas frm wawak.com and the tape I made myself by cutting it int strips. It can be an overwhelming project so I suggest making a child size coat for practice and confidence building before attempting one for yourself!

      • Thanks so much for your suggestions! I’ve ordered from wawak before and was very pleased with their service; I’ll order the hair canvas now 🙂 For the tape, is it just fusible interfacing that you cut? If so, is it weft interfacing? There’s so many kinds, it can get quite confusing!
        Thanks again!

        • Hi! I just cut up strips of fusible interfacing. To be honest, I dont know what weft interfacing is.

          The class provided a printable supply list and the instructor is also very responsive if you are not sure about the supplies..

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