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Project Runway season 15 starts tonight. Last year I was so excited about watching .. but would you believe that I only watched 2 replays last season? Sad right?  But that won’t be the case this season. It’s  time for some me time!

Check out the cast below for season 15


This time around I am determined to watch each and every episode. I have let my family know that tonight is momma’s night off. I want the living room and the big screen all to myself. I don’t want to hear the word mommy (more like mommy, mommy, mommy, MAWWWWMEEEEEE). Nope. NERP! None of that. Tonight will be just me, drink in one hand, food in the other. I’ll be soaking my two scary feet and giving myself a pedicure and watching the show.  If my husband can watch 8 hours of football on Sundays and make that a priority, I can make Project Runway a priority. I am just as guilty as any other woman of letting my wants and needs slide. Me time is so important, it is an essential part of self-care.

Check out the preview here:

I hope you enjoy the show or the replay. I am also hoping this season is more about design, and less about drama . (Don’t we have enough drama in our lives already?) Hehehe 🙂 Let’s have a virtual PR party on my FB page tonight. Hope you are watching!

Until next time my dears!



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  1. YES YES!! So looking forward to the new season, and I completely agree with you – less drama, more design. Some of the drama between those guys… good grief!

  2. My husband used to watch PR with me but over the last few years the drama has been the priority not the design and he won’t watch any longer. I want to see the designers work, solve problems and try to figure out some of the solutions with them, not observe conflict and back stabbing.

  3. I definitely tuned in last night, and enjoyed the fact that they started with the unconventional materials challenge. What a great way for the contestants to think outside of the box and show their skills! However, I can see from the preview of the season that DRAMA will be involved! I think the drama stinks too, and hope it won’t interfere with the season too much.

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