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This is part two of the five-part series: Behind The Seams: Women Who Inspire Me

In 2008, I was introduced to Erica Bunker’s sewing blog. This is when I was spending my days in my gray nerdy cubicle dreaming of colorful fabrics! Pretty much every afternoon around 3 pm after my afternoon chai, I would get so creative and start sketching at my desk.. or browsing the web (on my non- smoking breaks) 🙂 This is when I found Erica. I subscribed to her blog and dreamed about garments I wanted to make, all the while writing useless code for a boring corporation.

Erica has such wonderful taste,  and her construction skills are impeccable. While she follows trends and keeps an eye on the what’s coming down the runway, she also has so many handmade pieces that are timeless and classic. Here are some of my favorite looks:


Here are some of her dresses that I love. They are so well made, and beautifully styled.


This below was the 1st garment I saw, and I loved it. Everything from the color, the neckline, the silhouette, to the styling.


I was so fascinated by the fact that a coat could be made at home, not in a factory with industry standard equipment, but at home! I wanted to make one. The only problem, I didn’t know how to sew! BUT- where there is a will, there is a way. And it all starts with a thought. Fast forward seven years, in 2015 I finally made my 1st coat.  Last year Erica hosted the Amazing sew-alongs. I decided to jump on the opportunity and attempt a coat. By then I knew how to sew and had a good amount of practice under my belt, but sewing a coat was still intimidating. I made this coat HERE and I have to say, coat making upped my sewing confidence.


I truly believe that sewing is not just about skill building, but also about confidence building. I wonder what type of amazing sew along is coming up, but I know I will be participating again this year. If you want to join along in the fun, check out her FB group HERE

Her garments continue to inspire me. Check out her social media sites below :

Facebook: HERE

Blog: HERE


Here are another couple looks she created that I adore:

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When asked who inspires her, this was Erica’s response: “I’m not inspired by a person. I’m inspired by life. I’m on my own personal and spiritual journey. I’m the mother of grown children, but my spirit is still very youthful. So my inspiration comes from self-evolution as I’m embracing this new chapter of my life.”

I hope you enjoyed reading this. Next week, I will take you back to circa 2009 when I met the next lady who influenced my journey. Her name is Tara Davis. Stay tuned! And thanks for joining me down memory lane.

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  1. I have followed both of you for about six months and must say that both of you are very inspiring and I never miss a post. I recently got back to “sewing for me” after many years of altering for others. thanks for what you do and for sharing.

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