HI Fashionistas!

It’s getting so cold and I plan on doing everything in my power to stay warm!

I am that person who is always cold.  So when I saw this sweater knit with a fleece backing, I was intrigued! I made this dress and have a little bit leftover that I am hoping to use for a top.


I used this fabric, which is a sweater knit that feels like fleece on the inside. It is very nice and warm. This is my 1st time sewing a sweater knit and I loved it. It is very forgiving as the texture hides and sewing mistakes 🙂 Typically my preference is for fabrics made of natural fibres, but this looked so appealing, so I went for it!


I made the sleeves super long so they can be pulled over the hands, something I do often in clothes I make (Don’t you love how we can customize our clothes ?)


For the pattern, I used McCall’s 6886 that I previously used so many times before HERE

Here is the back view:


And front:


LOVE the drape on the cowl.  It is self-lined, so super warm . I free-handed the cowl neck. It was very easy to do. I tried to make a pattern at first but it wasn’t chunky enough.. so I just cut off a 28 inch long piece (measuring 28 inches along the selvage), folded it on itself . The fold them became the top of the cowl that can be pulled over the face. So the cowl is essentially like a mini version of an infinity scarf. 

You probably did not notice it yet, but the cowl neck is stand-alone

I really was opposed to doing this initially, but eventually decided to do it. I have been wanting to simplify and downsize my wardrobe, so having pieces that can mix and match to create more looks is key. Deciding to make the cowl separate allows me to wear both pieces many ways.


The black dress can be worn with many other scarves, and the chunky cowl can be added to other looks as  neck warmer.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. I would love to sew with this fabric again! I highly recommend it. Let me know what y’all are working on. Love to hear about your sewing projects.



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  1. You do such amazing work. When sewing with this type of fabric, is it a must to use a serger? And for quick reference what is the difference between a top stitching machine vs a serger?

    • Hi! I did not use a serger for this one at all- the fabric is thick so I didnt want to press the seams to one side. I actually pressed all the seams open to reduce bulk. They dont fray so it works fine for a fabric like this.

      To answer your questions: If I assume that by top stitching machine you are referring to a regular lockstich machine (most home sewing machines): a lock stich machine is one where there is one thread on the top that engages the bobbin thread and locks it in to create a stitch.

      A serger is a machine that clean finishes the raw edges on the inside of the garment. Look inside a ready made t shirt, and you will see its sewn with a serger. It also called overlock. This uses multiple threads. Make sense?

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