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Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and are enjoying a nice weekend.I am not one to shop the early  morning sales on Black Friday but I do appreciate a good deal that can be scored from my laptop on the comfort of my couch. One that doesn’t require an “early bird” special and does not entice you into a brick and mortar store to bombard you with more specials.

Here are some of my favorite sewing related Black Friday sales that I want to share with you. I already own and recommend a lot of these items so I wanted to share them with you in case you are interested:

My absolute favorite are the following sales on all  Craftsy classes on sale for $ 17.99

I studied with Suzy Furrer at Apparel Arts a while back. She is now also teaching on craftsy and I have all of her online pattern making classes

I got to visit with Suzy earlier this year and tour the new location of Apparel Arts, which is fabulous .


Here are the classes I am currently registered for. I highly recommend all of them. Suzy is an excellent teacher and also very responsive.

We studied pattern making at Apparel Arts in this order. Now you can benefit from her classes at home! If you want to learn pattern making, these would be the classes to take in order to build a good foundation.

Skirt Sloper : Click HERE

Here are a couple skirts I made for my final collection while studying with her:


Bodice Sloper : Click HERE

From a bodice sloper, you can draft dresses , tops. jackets. Here is a dress and jacket I self-drafted using my bodice sloper:

IMG_9952 - CopyIMG_9966


Dart Manipulation/Seam Lines : Click HERE

This class focusses on taking the basic slopers drafted for the body and then manipulating them into different style elements. For example, here you will learn how to change a basic darts on your sloper into princess seams, gathers, pleats, tucks etc.

Here is a good example of manipulating a bodice sloper into a sweetheart strappless neckline and also manipulating the darts into princess seams. (ps- that isnt alkee-hol, i just posed for my final collection :))


Another example fo a self-drafted garment is this one.  You also learn about adding excess ease and then removing it in the form of pleats (which are dart equivalents)


Creative Necklines : Click HERE

Collars/Closures : Click HERE

Sleeves : Click HERE

You know sleeves are big this fall. Dramatic sleeves are in. You can learn how to make bishop sleeves, bell sleeves etc. Here is a bell sleeve I drafted this summer.



Pants : Click HERE

Here is a pair of pants I drafted in school. Not the best fabric choice,which caused the wrinkles. But being a novice, I can see why I selected this fabric. These pants in a stretch denim would be so cute! Hindsight is 20/20 🙂


Her latest classes are based on wardrobe building. I have registered for one of these, but have not watched it yet. You can view those HERE

I also highly recommend her textbook, which is the Bible of Pattern Making. You can find it HERE

In fact, I just purchased a second copy because I misplaced my original one

All classes are $17.99 for the black Friday sale which I think is an excellent deal. I have been purchasing craftsy classes for years and on average I pay $30 to $35 for each class.

I have also taken and reviewed the following classes in the past. They are both for tailoring a coat:

The first one is Essential Guide to Tailoring: Structure & Shape and the second one is Essential Guide to Tailoring: Construction


You can read my review of these classes HERE and see the final garment HERE

I hope this post helps you see how these classes can help someone who wants to be a self-taught fashion designer. Gone are the days where you needed to take out crazy student loans and go to fashion school. regardless of whether you want to be creative and design for yourself, or be a self-taught designer and turn into a career option, the sky is the limit. With online learning, it IS possible!

Let me know if you like online learning. Just last night I was watching a video on drafting cowl pants. There is so much to learn, it never gets old!

I am heading down to the studio in a bit to work on my cowl pants and purchase  few more classes ! Hope you are well and I will see you soon with my next sewing post.

Happy Black Friday!!!





18 Comments on Craftsy Class Review and Pattern Making Book Review

  1. I noticed there are ripples in the pants and skirt. I thought that when fitting you were suppose to correct the muslin so they would disappear.
    I am interested in these classes,but would like a fit that doesn’t have these wrinkles.
    Love your mother daughter pix.

  2. Nice review! I have a lot of Suzy’s Craftsy classes already, and bought another one with the sale, for a total of five! LOL! I struggled with creating a bodice sloper last year, and am going to start her classes in the New Year once I finish working on my BIG end of the year project.

  3. I have taken a few classes with Craftsy, but only free classes. My first was the zipper pouch, which was a class project. I still struggle with patterns. I am looking for ways to learn how to create a whole wardrobe, even for my size. Thanks for the FYI.

    • HI La-Kia! The free classes are pretty good. I think I have the zippers one and the sewing machine 411 class. Don’t worry about being intimidated by patterns. Remember that sewing is not only about skill building but also confidence building. Keep working on small projects, one at a time and you will build confidence. Have you considered the “Grade any pattern to your size” class on craftsy?

  4. This is a great post. I’ve loved every Craftsy class I’ve taken but I haven’t watched one in awhile thanks for going through this!

  5. Suzy is my hero! I LOVE her classes & just started the Wardrobe/Tops one last night, so great. Thank you for sharing your experiences, it is encouraging to see what one can do with the right education & work. Craftsy is addictive!

  6. Thanks sew much Vatsla for bringing this to my attention; I have previously purchased one of Suzy’s classes (the bodice sloper) but never took the time to watch it till now.
    For years, I have struggled with fit issues, this is definitely an “AHA!” moment for me.
    I will build on my Craftsy class collection by adding Suzy’s offerings one by one.
    You are such an inspiration, love you Girl!

    • Thanks Karen! Let me know how you feel after watching the class. I think bodice is a bit more involved because of the technicality of the bust curvature, rules on necklines etc.. but once you have it down, you could have a few base patterns that you manipulate and simplify the design process! XOXO

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