Hellooo Fashionistas.

So today I met Stevie Wonder! And I want to tell you the story how….

I would love to tell you that his people called my people, and we decided to talk about music and fashion over coffee and pancakes.. but that isn’t exactly how it went down. 🙂 My blog posts aren’t usually text-heavy, but it’s storytime, so go grab yo self a drink 🙂

I posted this pic on social media earlier today and everyone wanted to know the story. So here goes…


So… what had happened was.. It was any old ordinary day. My husband dropped of Jazz to school and then we had an appointment together. After that, I went to grab a solo breakfast at one of my fav restaurants, called The Original Pancake House.

I parked, got out of the car and was walking in as two men standing by the dumpster starting talking to me. Something about two shady looking men standing by the dumpster is never a comfortable feeling. Maybe I watch too many crime shows. Anyhooz. They were begging for money. They looked homeless. I told them I didn’t have cash, but I would be happy to buy them breakfast. They accepted.

Then I proceeded to walk towards the restaurant, dreaming of eggs and coffee (Breakfast IS my favorite part of the day and I wake up thinking about it). Another lady was walking in at the same time. She had noticed me talking to the homeless men and asked if they were panhandling. I told her I was buying them breakfast and we both conversed about how we felt uncomfortable handing out money.

I was planning on eating solo. I love my solitude, but something in me wanted to ask her if she wanted to share a table.  The host came up and assumed we were together. He asked us if we wanted a table for two. At this point, she asked me to join her. This was the first time she took the words right out of my mouth. I was delighted because I love meeting new people. By the time I got food for the two men outside and returned to the table, she was already seated. I introduced myself to her and shook her hand. She told me her name was Fannie. In my head, I had already decided her last name was Pack. 🙂 Next thing I know, I look over, and I am seated next to Stevie Wonder.

I am not one to be starstruck, but there is something AMAZING about being in the room with greatness. Fannie could barely contain her excitement. We ordered coffee and food and Fannie made it very clear she had to do something to meet him. Honestly, I am not one to go ask anyone for an autograph or a picture, mainly because they too want to enjoy a breakfast out without being bombarded by fans.  Fannie pulled out her phone. I noticed it was an old school phone, so I knew it didn’t have a camera. I could tell that she too felt uncomfortable approaching him. So i suggested she write him a note. It’s less intrusive. So she did. I don’t know what it said, but it started with “God bless you”. I loved that Fannie wasn’t asking for anything. Just writing a message. The waiter, who was beaming with excitement, took the note to his people, seated at the next table.

Then Fannie and I received our meal and in my head, I wanted to ask if we could pray before we eat. This was the 2nd time she took the words out of my mouth and asked if we could pray. So we held hands and gave thanks. Some may say we are complete strangers, but it didn’t feel like it. When God says pray, we pray. When God says to feed the homeless, we obey! That right there put Frannie in a very special place in my heart. Even if one doesn’t believe in God, one must give thanks for the people who made that food, who grew that food, who brought it to our table.. and the host who seated us next to Stevie WONDER!!!!

I was feeling so happy. I was feeling happy to be next to someone who has been such an influence on the music industry.  Someone who has inspired so many and healed so many through music.  Music mends the soul. And what a contribution! Just AMAZING to be eating pancakes next to Stevie Wonder 🙂 I mean, how often does that happen.

Here is my beautiful food btw. I live for breakfast. Yummy eggs benny with potato pancakes. Nom to the nom nom 🙂


I was happy to be in the presence of Fannie. She said to me “we were meant to meet today”. I believed it, and in the next few minutes, you will see why.

So Fannie and I are eating and chatting it up about our lives. I was so excited to hear her story. She is one of 22 kids. I can’t even wrap my mind around that. She told me she grew up on a farm, they raised and grew their own food. Truly fascinating. I’ve always wanted to own a farm, but I will settle for a chicken coop if my husband ever agrees. Fannie talked about her daughter and her grandkids. I think Frannie was enjoying her meal until the waiter came back and told her that Stevie Wonder offered to take a picture with her. She was SO beyond excited, she phoned her kids to tell them about it. She couldn’t eat anymore, she just couldn’t contain her excitement.

I was just so happy to be there with her because I knew that my purpose in that moment was to take that picture for her. Remember I mentioned that she had a very old phone. I was happy that I had mine. As we continued to eat, she told me she was 66, close to my mom’s age. I did the math in my head and realized that when her daughter was born (my age), it was the late 70’s. So her youth was in Wonders “classic period”. Now I knew why she was so excited 🙂

She couldn’t eat, so she got a to go box, and promptly paid for her breakky. I knew she didn’t want to miss the opportunity to meet him. We finished our coffee and soon after that, it was time for her picture. And of course, I wanted one too!!! So Fannie and I got to spend about 10 minutes with him, talk, and take pictures. It was so special to witness that. He is so humble. And so is his family.

Here is Fannie and the legend 🙂

Fannie and I parted ways. It was time for her doctor’s appointment and time for me to run errands.  I had promised Fannie that I would email her the pictures and also send her a hard copy.  she asked me to “develop” the picture and mail it to her. I told her I would.

We hugged and said goodbye.  We took a picture together too, because yes it was amazing meeting Stevie Wonder, but the highlight of my day was meeting Fannie. And I want to cherish that memory 🙂 I’ll never meet Stevie Wonder again, but I know I will meet Fannie again, and share breakky and coffee. What a wonderful day!

That’s really all I have to share with you. So no, his people didn’t call my people and arrange a breakfast meeting.. although I would love that. But I did sit next to Stevie Wonder and eat pancakes. Maybe Fannie and I should have asked him to share a table with us, and who knows, maybe he would have.

Well.. I am back in my studio and ready to sew.


My next project is a lovely mommy and me outfit. Dress for me and dress for her. It is in my head at the moment but the dress is going to be a square neckline in the front and back, fitted bodice, with a flair skirt. The sleeves are going to be dramatic.  And for Jazz? Let’s face it, she could wear a paper bag and look fabulous. Oh! I do have the shoes I plan on wearing with my new dress.  These are an early Valentines day gift for myself. I love self-gifting <3.

Can we take a moment to admire the hot pink heel? The fabric is a beautiful soft pink. I think I will end up fully lining the dress with a tissue knit as I  don’t have enough fabric to self-line. Initially, I had planned on making a top for myself and dress for Jazz, but once I saw the fabric, I knew it had to be a dress.

So see you next week with the cutest mommy and munchkin outfit!

Have a good weekend and sew sew sew 🙂








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  1. What a great story! You are such a kind hearted soul, Vatsla. It is amazing how God puts people into our lives when we least expect it…

  2. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story! In my mind, I love entertaining the thought of a world full of people that are kind enough to eat together, and find common ground. There is more we have in common, and that deserves to be celebrated!! I am glad you are back to sewing again, and really glad you got to meet Stevie Wonder!!

  3. Vatsla, you always amaze me, you are such an awesome spirit!
    This was an incredible blog post! I feel like you net two super stars! Your heart is so big… not forgetting the two men you fed.
    However, l having to be honest, when you said Fannies wrote Stevie Wonder a note, I was a little concerned until I actually used my brain, LOL!
    I definitely can’t wait to come visit and have breakky with you my dear!

  4. All I can say is WOW, what a wonderful story and what a amazing day you had. I’m very excited to hear you met Stevie Wonder, but I’m more excited to hear, you had breakfast with a new and interesting person, what a meaningful morning. It’s funny how we never know what or who God will put in our path! Thanks for sharing and I love the last name you gave Fannie, makes soooooooooo much sense, smiles! Be Well.

  5. What a great story. My Grandma used to say, be kind to the people you meet because you never know when you are in the presence of an angel!

  6. What a beautiful story, you are a very good writer, and what an amazing day, you met a very special person a and had a amazing photo opp with the legend.😍🤗😉

  7. What a beautiful story! I was captivated from the beginning when the two men started talking to you. It was definitely a God-ordained appointment for you to be there at that time. I love that you and Fannie sat and ate breakfast together. The two of you are a couple of special women. God bless you always for your giving heart. Can’t wait to see those Mommy & Me outfits. Have a great weekend and enjoy your sewing.

  8. I too loved reading this post. Nothing brings people together like a good meal! I hope you and Fannie continue to enrich each other’s lives!

    And those heels are awesome! I wore a lot of pointy toed heels for awhile to work, but they were doing a number on my feet, so I will just admire them on you!

  9. What a beautiful story! God has a way of putting people together at the right time and in the right place for a reason. Stevie Wonder! what a music icon. His music can be appreciated by younger and older generations alike. Thanks for sharing your breakfast morning with Fannie and Stevie Wonder……..

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