This is my very first time making a gathered maxi skirt. I chose this beautiful and summery print. The fabric is a chiffon. I see gathered maxi skirts everywhere but never thought to make one prior to this. 

This is my second time working with chiffon. The first time I failed miserably, so it has taken me a long time to pick this type of fabric up again! This time around I took an online class on working with sheers. I’ll include that information for you and also some tips and tricks  I picked up to make this project a success.

If you saw my silk top, I mentioned some of the challenges I ran into. Since then, I took this online class on sewing with sheers and I was better prepared to deal with a sheer fabric. I do recommend taking this class if you want to take away some of the frustration of working with sheers.  

Here is the back and side view:

I used an invisible zipper on the center back. I was a bit worried about how fragile the chiffon is, but I doubled it up on the center back by folding the chiffon under. This gave me two layers of chiffon, which is more stable than one. I also have a full lining on the skirt, so the lining also added some stability. 

Here are some things I learned from this sewing project:

  • Never cut chiffon on the fold. Only cut one layer at a time!
  • Cut the fabric by placing it on top of paper. This stabilizes it and if the paper is a rectangle, you can use the edges of the paper to make sure your straight grain and cross grain are correctly aligned while cutting.

Here are some challenges I had with this project:

  • Keeping the fabric straight while cutting! It was challenging. 
  • My fabric around my zipper was a bit “ruffly”. Luckily for me, the skirt is gathered, so the imperfection is hidden. 

The skirt hit floor length with heels on, which is how I plan to wear it. I paired it with a white tee. Here are some pictures of the garment construction:

I drafted a straight waistband using my waist measurement. I top stitched two rows on the top of the waistband.

The skirt is lined.  The lining is an A-line skirt instead of a gathered skirt to reduce bulk.  For the fashion fabric, I gathered it manually and attached it to the lining. Then attached the lining to the waistband.  So the entire piece is self-drafted/ free handed.

This is the fabric I used. I hope you enjoyed this project!  I am working on a pair of denim shorts next- think dressy, tailored shorts in denim. 

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8 Comments on Gathered Maxi Skirt in Chiffon

  1. Your skirt is beautiful! I wish I had done something more simple for my first chiffon piece. Nooo, I chose a shirt with front band, cuffs, collar and shirt tail hem! I have been working on this for weeks trying to get it perfect but it’s not going to happen. Bad, bad choice of pairing fabric with pattern, for a first try anyway. It’s a good thing I like the fabric pattern or I would have given up long ago!

  2. Lovely skirt Vatsla. I have notice that many of your skirts include a high wait – I love it – many of mine do as well. If find them very comfortable and they don’t slide down. Again, lovely project.and fabric.

    • HI Diya,
      I would have to find the skirt and measure it. If I had to guess, then the skirt width is 2 or 3 x the width before it is gathered. I do a lot of free handing of patterns, so I dont always use a paper pattern (as in this skirt. ) If you want, shoot me an email at and I can get back to you after I measure the skirt.


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