Hi Fashionistas!

Long time no sew! I took a break from sewing for the month of March to adjust to a second child. It has been quite a transition, and I and my family are still getting used to the new routine, or lack of routine ūüôā

Anyways, I am trying to get back into the swing of things. I am sewing, and here is my latest make!

I used this fabric.  It is currently sold out but I am hoping they will offer it again! It is a quilted double knit. Very soft, yet has good body and is thicker, about the thickness of a lightweight scuba knit. 

For the pattern, I ended up using this pattern, view C, but made the following alterations.

  1. Changed the neckline to a boat neck.
  2. Chopped off the pattern at the high hip (to include hem allowance)
  3. Shortened the sleeve
  4. Freehanded the lantern/ bell sleeve with pleats using some scrap fabric

The fabric is quilted and has some really gorgeous texture as you can see in this close up below. For the neck, I used a twin needle to do the hemming as I did not have enough matching spools of thread for my coverstitch machine.  I hemmed the sleeves by serging first, then turning under and using a straight stitch.

I so love the sleeves!  They are so poofy!

This is how I wore this top on Sunday, with skinny jeans … and a sock bun.¬†Yes, there is a sock in my bun..¬†it belongs to my husband ūüôā I cut off the foot part and rolled all that hair up, the stuck in a ballpoint pen to hold it in place. It’s called mommy chic ūüôā

For a more dressy look, I paired this with a skirt (which I will never wear anywhere since I have nowhere to go :), but it is so cute!

Here is the back view of the top. Typically I put a CB seam in this pattern, but I decided not to in this one, as the fabric has a moderate amount of stretch, as opposed to more stretchy fabrics I usually use.

Ok- before I made this top, I actually made a scoop neck peplum with a cap sleeve, but I was totally cutting corners and I made a bad garment. So that one is getting cut and I will use the fabric into a top for my daughter. I also have some fabric left over so I will definitely be using that to make another top for myself!

Well, that is it! I am working on a red circle skirt for May, for my birthday!!

I hope that you are doing well. I would love to hear about what you are working on these days and I hope you are enjoying the spring!

I’ll see you in May with my next project- the red skirt!

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  1. You make me wanna sew some sleeves, lol! I love your poofy sleeve shirt, and am glad you are taking the time to adjust to a new routine. The sock bun is my favorite quick hair chic tip too. It comes in handy, and is so easy to do.

  2. Beautiful outfits! Love them all. That top looks so good on you. Wow, did you not just have a baby? You can not tell at all !!!

  3. Beautiful color, it looks awesome on you! I’ve been eyeing the ruffled sleeve patterns this years, but haven’t made any yet. What’s your thought on circle-cut flounces versus straight-cut, gathered ruffles? I hate hemming curves, but (for skirts at least) my daughter gets picky about fullness in the gathers (she definitely likes the smoother waists, and didn’t like the last puffy sleeve I made for her). I’ve sewn more for her lately than myself because, let’s face it, it’s more fun…and this way I don’t have to fit my aging waistline ūüėõ

    • Hi Samantha! I like both the circle cut flounce and the straight cut gathered ruffles, but I tend to sew more of the circular shapes, because as you said, they lay smoother on the body and don’t add bulk! Matter of fact, I am starting work on my May project and it is also a high low circle skirt. I am experimenting more with fullness this time. For hemming circle skirts, I have a nice tutorial that you can see here, let me know if that helps!



  4. Your outfits are beautiful! You make sewing seem so natural and elegant-you’re inspiring me to really try to sew my own clothes again-my babies are grown, so I really have no excuses! I really appreciate how thorough and easy to understand your instructions are.The knit t-shirt with the neck band and faux cover stitch solved a huge sewing challenge for me as I don’t have a cover stitch machine and my serger doesn’t have a cover stitch. I’m also curious about making a rolled seam-my serger doesn’t have an attachment for that sewing technique. The rolled seam is such a gorgeous touch for blouses and delicate items, i.e. silks robes, camisoles, etc. Congratulations on your new baby! Sincerely, Susan Moranda

    • Hi Susan,
      Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And so timely as I am working on creating some more video courses for sewing and pattern making! I do love the fauz cover stitch and the neckband technique as well!

      I have done a rolled hem on my serger by removing one of the needles, but my fabric was so delicate it didnt take the roll hem well. I have some silk scarves I am wanting to hand roll hem, when I find the patience for hand sewing!

      Great to hear from you,

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