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I am into fall sewing for the last couple of months and this months project is building on last months black tie back top. When I picked out this gorgeous 100% Cotton Percale, I knew exactly what I had in mind. I wanted a poofy gathered skirt to complement the top I made last month. But first I styled it with my favorite button-down:

I will probably wear it more with this black top I made last month:


This top is so cute and it’s my favorite at the moment. I love wearing black as it goes with just about anything!
Here is the side and back view:





This outfit was fairly easy to style. I paired it with black pumps and my owl earrings (still obsessed with these!) Here is a closeup

I ordered 2 yards of the fabric. I cut the fabric in half lengthwise so I still have a good bit leftover. I made my daughter a matching skirt.  Oh and one for her toy “kitty” too.


I re-used a pattern for a self-drafted waist band I used often. For the skirt part,  to took the entire 2 yards (cut in half lengthwise) and gathered it using dental floss. That gave me the poofy effect that I was looking for. Prior to that, I tried gathering manually and also using the gathering foot,  but my fabric was not “poofy enough” so I switched to using the dental floss. This was my 1st time using that sewing hack.. and I will definitely be using that again!


As the temperature continues to drop, I will be wearing this skirt with leggings.  Have a lovely week and see you soon!


-Vatsla 🙂

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  1. Hi Vatsla, I think there are advantages to both pictorials and videos, as well as line drawings. With pictorials, I can skip directly to the parts I don’t understand but with I video I have to jump around and hope I can catch the video at just the right moment. On the other hand, with a video, I can watch the process as it’s happening. Sometimes, however, a line drawing is actually more helpful thatn either a pictorial or a video because details can be shown more clearly.
    But, for me at least, I need a clearly written set of directions to accompany any one of those three, and I think you do a good job of writing instructions.
    Warm regards,

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