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Sewing Review 2018- And Happy New Year!

Hello. It is the last day of 2018. As I type this bog post, I am sitting in bed with mixed feelings. 2018 has been an interesting year for me. The most amazing thing happened in 2018, I created new life. My lovely son, Connor Jay Watkins arrived. I tried my best to hang on to my sewing. I have done some sewing this year, but it has been the bare minimum. Life has been a bit of a haze this year. Don’t get me wrong, there were a lot of good times, but also a lot of challenging times. I accept it all as my portion and I thank God for all I received, good and bad. My portion is perfect for me.

Moving on to sewing. At the end of the day, as a mom of a new born, and a wife and mom of a 5 year old, my craft was really all that was truly my own. And although ideally I would sew slowly and enjoy it, my projects in 2018 (with the exception of the green kimono) were quite rushed. BUT.. I still sewed. I have always been loyal to sewing. I sew in my good times, and I also sew in my bad times.

So I want to share with you what all I blogged about in 2018.. and then let’s chat about sewing in 2019. Shall we?

Baby Shower Dress with Statement Sleeve

Maternity Dress , and one for Jazz

Green Kimono

This is my favorite make of 2018, yet the least worn. Seriously, where am I going to wear this thing? I wore it once. Lol. But loved it.

Statement Sleeves Top M6886 Modified

Red Skirt which was self drafted

White Lace Skirt

White Cotton Skirt

Black Maxi

Black tie Back Top

Black Cowl

Mommy and me- One of my favorite makes!

Floral Skirt

Mommy and Me Skirts

And lastly, I cannot believe that I never blogged about this skirt! Its GORGEOUS!! But I did share it here briefly.

Well, that wraps up 2018 sewing for me! I will continue to work on sewing. Next I am making something with a black textured double knit. I am also starting work on a custom dress form. Connor has stopped nursing and I am getting back to my pre-baby bod. I have a class in mind that I will take to get started on the dress form construction. I will share more about that in the near future.

Have a WONDERFUL New Year and talk to you soon.



Class Review of Fashion Draping with Paul Gallo

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Hello Fashionista!!

Happy Monday!! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We got a winter storm and a tiny bit of snow but nothing fancy!!! My poor kid was so excited about making a snow man, but in the end she was dissapointed that all she could make was an “iceman“. 

Anyways, I did some fun stuff of my own this past weekend. I gave draping a try after a very long time. I am including a  draping time-lapse video in the end for your viewing pleasure 🙂 I always love seeing a garment come to life!

This above is a picture of something I draped a LONG time ago in fashion school

I have not draped much in the past . My preferred method of pattern making is flat pattern making. But I wanted something quick and easy this time.

A few years ago I draped this fitted Bodice with a box pleat skirt

Draping is fun and quick. You can manipulate and maneuver the muslin with your hands and get to the design fairly quickly.  You can also change the design if you are not pleased with it befoe you commit to cutting and sewing it up. 

I also draped this dress above with a fitted bodice and a box pleat skirt. If your garment in symmetrical, you only need to drape one half of teh garment, as your pattern will be on fold

So this past weekend I decided to drape a custom sloper for my half scale dress form. I had downloaded a half-scale pattern from the web and sewed it up, but the bodice was just not a good fit. I did the drape because I want to start designing and prototyping half scale. It is such a time saver and also gives me the satisfaction of designing while time is so limited with Connor being only 9 months.  I draped the bodice sloper, so I can then create a sloper on tag to be able to draft patterns from.  If you don’t know what a sloper it, it is a custom fitted pattern that fits the body like a second skin. Its a very fitted pattern . A bodice sloper can be used to draft any garment for the upper body (dress, top, blouse, jacket, coat etc)

I reviewed the Draping Basics class by Paul Gallo to refresh my memory of draping. I actually studied with Paul Gallo at Apparel Arts. He was my Fashion Illustration instructor. I actually did not know that he taught draping until I found him on Bluprint.  This class is included with my subscription to Bluprint.

I like that the class not only shows how to drape but then also shows how to transfer the muslin to a paper pattern and add seam allowances and notations on the pattern. The paper pattern is ready to be used right away. This is the beauty of draping.  I also like the fact that all chapters are quick to watch. The longest chapter in the class is thirty one minutes.  I also like that Paul covered some basics about cutting out the fabric once you have your paper pattern ready. He talked about the importance of cutting the fabric on the correct grain and using the grain lines drawn on the pattern appropriately. This is a bonus tip given that I have seen a lot of my beginner students make this mistake. I think the fabric cutting chapter is a bonus

The only thing I did not like about the class was that the sleeve was drafted on paper instead of directly on the dress forms. Sleeves can be draped directly on the dress form my simply drawing a straight line on the muslin and then taking it directly to the dress form. Since this is a draping class, my preference would be to see it draped on the dress form and skipping the paper drafting. 

I posted this half scale dress form on Instagram last week, and a lot of you asked where I got it. I have the Roxy half-scale dress form.  I am including the time lapse of me draping the bodice sloper. To give you an idea of how quick draping can be, the total video before I created the video was 11 minutes including the bloopers. And granted this is on a small scale, I can drape a bodice on a full-scale dress form in about five to ten minutes. That’s fast! Anyways, enjoy the video.

Bluprint also has a special promotion running right now, where if you purchase a Bluprint subscription, they offer 50% off all craftsy purchases, including kits and supplies!  

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Let me know if you have any questions about these offers!

I am not sure exactly which class I will be watching next, but I have my eye on this cover-stitch class. I have been using my coverstitch machine straight out of the box with it’s default settings for years, and I wouldn’t mind exploring it a bit. 

While I was in the studio-  I also recorded the highly requested video tutorial on how to cut a full circle maxi from fabric that is 45 inches wide. I will be sharing that soon, once I get caught up on work and editing!! See you guys soon and I hope you enjoyed watching the draping time lapse!!


Vatsla 🙂

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