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How To Make a Custom Dress Form for A Fraction of the Cost!

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Hi Fashionistas!

So I know I have mentioned this a few times before that I want a custom dress form. I have also mentioned to you that custom dress forms can run you upwards of a thousand dollars.

I was looking about a year and a half ago and I found a solution that I think will work well! It requires purchasing a foam insert that looks like a dress form and altering the cover that comes with the form to fit you like a second skin. And Voila! You have a custom dress form. It does require some surgery on the dress form foam insert as you will have to shave off some parts and pad up some parts to make it like you.

Here are the two steps to create a custom dress form for a fraction of the cost. I will outline the steps 1st and then we will go over all of the details and links as well

  1. Choose a Uniquely You dress form. This is the more economical version. This form also completely customizable so you can shave it to your size, or pad it up and also control where the waist sits
  2. Create a custom cover to fit your body like a second skin and prepare your form and insert it inside the custom cover. I will show you how this can be done using an online class

Now let’s talk about the steps in detail.

This is a method I am using to create my form. I purchased the Uniquely You dress form after much research about 1.5 years ago, but I was pregnant then and decided to wait. Please note that this form comes in many sizes and before you buy one, you will need to decide which size is right for you. The best way to do this is to check the sizing chart.

There is a class on Bluprint called Fitting Essentials: Customize Your Dress Form that shows how to create a custom form using 3 types of dress forms, including this one. This is taught by Judy Jackson and she goes over 3 methods. I watched only the sections that apply to my dress form type. I’ll go over some of the pros and cons on this class in a little bit. The one I am using is the one on the right.

As I mentioned before, this dress form comes with a cover, and you have to alter the cover to fit you like a second skin. Once you do that and alter it, you insert a strong zipper on the center back of the cover and insert the form inside it. I love seeing a visual of things so I have included a youtube video that shows the final result.

As you can see this is a bit of a process, but in my opinion so worth it to have something custom. I personally own 3 professional dress forms and neither one of those match my measurements. Now if I were to throw them all in a box together and shake it really hard, maybe I would get back one dress form that matched all my measurements 🙂 And professional dress forms can be so costly. I have paid from $150 to $400 for mine and they still don’t match, so having a custom dress form that costs less than a professional dress form is definitely worth it to me.

Here are my 3 dress forms that don’t match my measurements! Custom form coming soon!

Lets go over some of the pros and cons of this class:

Pros: If you sew, you may already own a dress form, and if you don’t, you have a range of options from the uniquely you, adjustable (which you can use coupons on at Fabric stores) or a professional dress form. These vary in cost and you are can look at options that fit your budget. If you already have a dress form, you could customize it. Judy delivers the class in a very nice and easy to understand manner. You have the ability to ask questions, which is also very nice compared to some online courses that give you access to a private facebook group, but the instructor is not as responsive. You do not need to be an expert seamstress to create your own form! The sewing is simple and the instructions are clear! All lessons are easy to consume, ranging from 2 to 28 minutes, so even if you watched one at a time as your schedule permits and then apply them, you won’t find it overwhelming. I actually prefer watching classes from start to finish. It makes me feel excited!

Cons: If you are intending on watching the entire class, the information can be a bit overwhelming because the methods used for the dress forms are different based on your choice of form. I would suggest deciding on your dress form based on your budget (or what you already own) and then watching the segments specific to that dress form. Luckily, you can pause, fast forward and rewind with ease. I would also say that if you are using the foam option, be patient . I know from all the reviews I have read that getting the form to squeeze into the form and zipping it up is a challenge and you will probably need someone to help you. So if you are sewing solo, you may want to consider one of the other two dress forms.

Another really good thing about this dress form is that it is pinnable, so you can drape directly on the dress form. Bluprint has a special right now where they are offering an annual subscription for $100 and you get a free project box included! 

This includes access to hundreds of sewing classes including this one!

Once again, the direct link to the class is here–> Fitting Essentials: Customize Your Dress Form

The class will walk you step by step on how to measure your form and how to shave off the excess, which I found very helpful since the instructions that come with the form are spare. Also keep in mind, that if you are using this form, then you will need to build a stand for it. I am Ok with doing that since I can figure out the DIY part. Once again, if you are not wanting to do that, consider one of the other two dress forms.

I hope that you found this article helpful. I personally tried the duct tape form many years ago and I found that added a lot of bulk as I had to wear a t shirt and then have duct tape wrapped around me. It was also not pinnable, so I find this to be a better option.

Let me know what you think about this idea! Right now I cannot think of the next class I will try, but maybe something to with finishes, like a class that shows how to do different types of seams, or even one that shows tailoring details like welt pockets for example. I love making samples in muslin and putting them in a binder, kind of reminds me of being in school 🙂

Take care,


Class Review of Fashion Draping with Paul Gallo

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Hello Fashionista!!

Happy Monday!! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing weekend. We got a winter storm and a tiny bit of snow but nothing fancy!!! My poor kid was so excited about making a snow man, but in the end she was dissapointed that all she could make was an “iceman“. 

Anyways, I did some fun stuff of my own this past weekend. I gave draping a try after a very long time. I am including a  draping time-lapse video in the end for your viewing pleasure 🙂 I always love seeing a garment come to life!

This above is a picture of something I draped a LONG time ago in fashion school

I have not draped much in the past . My preferred method of pattern making is flat pattern making. But I wanted something quick and easy this time.

A few years ago I draped this fitted Bodice with a box pleat skirt

Draping is fun and quick. You can manipulate and maneuver the muslin with your hands and get to the design fairly quickly.  You can also change the design if you are not pleased with it befoe you commit to cutting and sewing it up. 

I also draped this dress above with a fitted bodice and a box pleat skirt. If your garment in symmetrical, you only need to drape one half of teh garment, as your pattern will be on fold

So this past weekend I decided to drape a custom sloper for my half scale dress form. I had downloaded a half-scale pattern from the web and sewed it up, but the bodice was just not a good fit. I did the drape because I want to start designing and prototyping half scale. It is such a time saver and also gives me the satisfaction of designing while time is so limited with Connor being only 9 months.  I draped the bodice sloper, so I can then create a sloper on tag to be able to draft patterns from.  If you don’t know what a sloper it, it is a custom fitted pattern that fits the body like a second skin. Its a very fitted pattern . A bodice sloper can be used to draft any garment for the upper body (dress, top, blouse, jacket, coat etc)

I reviewed the Draping Basics class by Paul Gallo to refresh my memory of draping. I actually studied with Paul Gallo at Apparel Arts. He was my Fashion Illustration instructor. I actually did not know that he taught draping until I found him on Bluprint.  This class is included with my subscription to Bluprint.

I like that the class not only shows how to drape but then also shows how to transfer the muslin to a paper pattern and add seam allowances and notations on the pattern. The paper pattern is ready to be used right away. This is the beauty of draping.  I also like the fact that all chapters are quick to watch. The longest chapter in the class is thirty one minutes.  I also like that Paul covered some basics about cutting out the fabric once you have your paper pattern ready. He talked about the importance of cutting the fabric on the correct grain and using the grain lines drawn on the pattern appropriately. This is a bonus tip given that I have seen a lot of my beginner students make this mistake. I think the fabric cutting chapter is a bonus

The only thing I did not like about the class was that the sleeve was drafted on paper instead of directly on the dress forms. Sleeves can be draped directly on the dress form my simply drawing a straight line on the muslin and then taking it directly to the dress form. Since this is a draping class, my preference would be to see it draped on the dress form and skipping the paper drafting. 

I posted this half scale dress form on Instagram last week, and a lot of you asked where I got it. I have the Roxy half-scale dress form.  I am including the time lapse of me draping the bodice sloper. To give you an idea of how quick draping can be, the total video before I created the video was 11 minutes including the bloopers. And granted this is on a small scale, I can drape a bodice on a full-scale dress form in about five to ten minutes. That’s fast! Anyways, enjoy the video.

Bluprint also has a special promotion running right now, where if you purchase a Bluprint subscription, they offer 50% off all craftsy purchases, including kits and supplies!  

Enjoy 50% Off All Holiday Season! Sign up for a Bluprint subscription today, and we'll automatically take 50% off the full price of your Craftsy items every time you shop from now until December 31. Offer valid at myBluprint.com through 12/25/18.

And as always, you can test drive Bluprint using their  7 Day Free Trial.

Let me know if you have any questions about these offers!

I am not sure exactly which class I will be watching next, but I have my eye on this cover-stitch class. I have been using my coverstitch machine straight out of the box with it’s default settings for years, and I wouldn’t mind exploring it a bit. 

While I was in the studio-  I also recorded the highly requested video tutorial on how to cut a full circle maxi from fabric that is 45 inches wide. I will be sharing that soon, once I get caught up on work and editing!! See you guys soon and I hope you enjoyed watching the draping time lapse!!


Vatsla 🙂

The BEST Deal of The Year For The Sewing Fashionista!

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Hello Beautiful!

Happy Friday!! Hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Thanksgiving. We spent the day at my sister in law’s house and I ate way too much! Are you indulging in any Black Friday Sales? I am typically not a shopper, but I indulged in a skin care gadget yesterday.

I HAVE to share the best Black Friday sewing deals with you!

Both Craftsy (where you can buy sewing classes a-la-carte’) and Bluprint (all access subscription) are offering the lowest prices of the year.

My favorite deal is the Monthly subscription for only $7.99  Normally this is $14.99  per month or $120 for the year. This is a great deal for someone who wants access to all classes

These deals run now through 11/26, so don’t delay!


My 2nd favorite deal is on Craftsy classes, all classes are $15 or less. Both are excellent deals in my opinion.
Craftsy Black Friday / Cyber Monday - All Classes $15 or Less at Craftsy.com starting 11/21 at 2:00pm MST through 11/26/18.


I did a review on the Bluprint platform last week. These links are affiliate links, which means they don’t cost you anything extra, but if you make a purchase, I get a small commission. These deals run now through 11/26! Happy Sewing!


Vatsla 🙂

Behind The Seams – My Review of the Bluprint Online Learning Platform

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About a month ago I shared with you that Bluprint was having their “Get Started” event, where they offered you free access to all of their online classes included in their subscription. I heard from so many of you how much you enjoyed binge-watching the classes! I have been binge-watching myself, and I wanted to share with you my experience so far. For those of you who did not take advantage of the free test drive, I am doing a review of Bluprint below.  I also want to let you know that you can still get a 7 Day Free Trial to Bluprint.

Bluprint offers classes on various subjects, from sewing to patternmaking, to baking and woodwork! As you can imagine I am mainly interested in the sewing and pattern- making classes, and since you love to sew too, I will be sharing my experience with the classes so far.  I was also super excited to brush up on my pattern making skills. For those of you who don’t know,  I studied pattern making with Suzy Furrer at Apparel Arts and she is one of the instructors that teaches on Bluprint. Her classes are my absolute favorite so far! Below is my 1st impression of using this online learning platform. My goal is to learn something new each month and share my sewing projects with you!

Once I logged in, I saw this screen with all the categories of classes they offer.


Since I am interested in sewing classes and pattern making classes (which also fall under the sewing category), I clicked on “Sew” to browse the classes.  There were a total of 197 classes available to watch! That is a lot! There is a filter option available to allow you to drill down and find what you are looking for. I found this helpful because looking through almost 200 classes can be time-consuming!

The filter option allowed me to select the subcategories of “clothing” and “pattern making”. This brought me down to a selection of 35 classes, which I was able to quickly browse. Once I knew the ones I was interested in, I clicked the “+” button on the top right of the class and was able to save them to my watch library.

Once you add all the classes you want to watch to your library, you can click on the library link and it shows you all the classes you have saved. Here are a few of mine. As you can see, I am interested in brushing up on my pattern making skills, and also on making my sewing more efficient by learning time-saving tips.  I also want to watch the class on presser feet. I am always blown away by how the right foot can make the job so much easier. For example, I just tried out a wide hem foot and I was impressed by how it can accomplish an even hem so easily, something that would be very hard to do on my own. Now I am curious to see what else is out there that can improve my sewing.

The interface is very easy to browse, and there is a large selection of classes to choose from. I also liked that a lot of the instructors were names that were familiar. For example, Kenneth King, Marcy Hariell, Susan Khalje, Joi Mahone. These are all folks who are well-known in the sewing community and I found that to be a plus. I have studied in person with 3 of the instructors: Suzy Furrer, Sara Alm, and Paul Gala. They are excellent instructors and I will be watching all their classes.

The very 1st class I watched was on designing tops and in it, we went through an exercise to find inspiration to design a collection. The instructor demonstrated how to create a theme board (we called them mood boards in fashion school). It definitely got my creative juices flowing!

But here is one that REALLY excited me.. A class that will show you how to make a CUSTOM dressform at a fraction of a cost. If you have ever struggled with fitting (who hasn’t?!), you have probably considered a custom dressform. And we all know they can run you upwards of a thousand dollars. Well, I am super excited to share with you that I already have a Uniquely You custom dress form foam insert that has been collecting dust in my basement. I bought it last year before I got pregnant, and decided to wait to work on it. Well, guess what?! There is a class for that!!! Yes, my plan is to take my custom dress form foam insert and create a cover for it using a sloper that can be created in the Bodice Sloper Class. I have been wanting to do this for a long time. The dress form actually comes with a cover you can alter, but in my opinion, it is much better to use a bodice sloper as it is truly your “second skin” and you can create a body double! But before I get too excited, I have to say that this is a blog post of its own, maybe even a series of blog posts as I share my progress with you! I am going to wait a little bit longer as I am 8 months postpartum and things are still shifting back in place.. if you know what I mean 🙂

If you have tried Bluprint, let me know what you think of it. While my main focus is going to be on improving my sewing and design skills, I also wouldn’t mind taking a yoga class once in a while, or doing some crafting! The best part for me is that I can watch whenever my schedule allows. Yesterday I watched for an hour while straightening my hair!

I hope you enjoyed seeing an inside look at how the platform works, and if you did not get to test drive it during the last promotion, you can still try a 7 Day Free Trial to Bluprint. Leave me a comment and let me know what you are sewing up these days. I found this amazing boucle two-tone navy and black fabric at Joann’s fabrics a couple of weeks ago. It is so Chanel! I am planning on sewing up my Christmas look with that. In the meantime, I am working on making a wide leg pair of pants and some paci clips for Connor! See you very soon in my next blog post!



Vatsla 🙂







Third Generation Rub Off Top!

Hi Beauties,

Hope you are doing well! I wanted to share with you another black top I made last month. This is a top that was rubbed off from a handmade top that was rubbed off from a ready to wear top I found at Marshalls like a million years ago. So, therefore,  this is a 3rd generation top!

Before we jump into looking at this DIY, let me show you the original and the 1st knockoff:

Here is the original. These pics are in beautiful Paris 🙂

Here is the 1st ruboff. I made this after the 1st one started showing signs of wear. You can read more about this DIY HERE

Then I recently made this one as the 2nd one started showing signs of wear.

I paired it with the same red skirt I previously wore HERE.

I’ll be wearing this top all winter with jeans. I hate being cold, so I had to sew up another one. For a more dramatic effect, I will be lengthening the pattern piece that makes the “cowl drape”.  You could even make is wider at the top for a more dramatic effect. That would actually be really cute on a sweater. Maybe I will make a sweater this year.

Hope you are well and enjoying the change in season. We are hitting the pumpkin patch with the kiddos today and after that, I am going to stay in and rest! Off to the fabric store tomorrow.

I have so much catching up to do on the blog. Seems like I am always sewing faster than I can blog! I have four looks to catch up on, including this one, so be on the lookout for more looks in the next few weeks!


Vatsla 🙂


DIY Mommy and me outfits in Cobalt Blue :)

Hi Beauties!

This latest blog post has me feeling some kinda way. The last time I sewed up a blue  mommy and me ensemble for us, Jazz was just 2.5 years old! These pictures totally reminded me of that and I will be sharing those pictures with you as well! For now, all I can say is “Where does the time go?!”

This is probably my favorite picture from that day. I am SO in love with this little human. I just can’t believe how big she is!

Anyways.. moving on to this precious mommy and me outfit. First I have to tell you that this peplum top I am wearing, almost did not make it. Confession- this top looks decent worn and styled, but from a construction standpoint, it has it issues. I made this when I was one month postpartum and I was in a complete daze. I am not even sure why I was sewing that soon after baby birth, but deep inside I guess I have this fear that if I stop sewing, I may never start again. I know that won’t happen, but aren’t most of our fears irrational anyways? Anyways… I was going to deconstruct it and turn it into a dress for my daughter, but instead, I ended up making her a dress from scratch, and decided to give this top another chance! I have to say, it has been very fun to wear!


I am so proud of the little lady she is becoming. She has such a sweet heart. Kids are such a blessing

Here are a few pics of her solo. She loves her dress. Interesting fact about this fabric. It is a quilted double knit. It was kinda soft and spongy while being stable at the same time (similar to a scuba or neoprene). So what looks like piping (where the bell sleeve attaches to the sleeve, and the two tiers of the skirt attach) is actually a top stitch that makes the fabric look 3D. As you can see on the bottom tier, it is a bit of a patchwork skirt, but I have fabric greed. This is not the 1st time I have patched fabric scraps together to get as much as I can out of the yardage I have.

She loved to show everyone how she can twirl. I get it. I would do the same.

Her dress is completely self drafted. I played with the sleeves for a slight bell flare, and I must be in denial about how big she is getting because I eyeballed the pattern and it was too short, so I added the 2nd tier.

When I was younger, in my 20’s, I always thought I wanted to marry a “serious” guy. One who preferred silence over talking and was a thinker. Well then I met my now husband, who is funny and silly.. and my kid is pretty much like him.. and I am SO glad because life would be so boring if everyone was serious all the time. I love laughter, but  I can be a bit too serious at times, so my silly family balances me out. This pretty much sums up my daughter’s personality. Hehe

Connor was supposed to be napping, but he made an appearance too! He is 8 months now and has a huge appetite! I feel like all I do is make his baby food and feed him! He is sitting up, eating grown-up food and almost ready to crawl!

My peplum was freehanded.. let’s just say i winged it. I was so tired and sleep deprived.. but it worked out. Its a high low, higher on the sides.

I do love the fullness of her skirt. The top tier is a cull circle skirt, the bottom one was cut with scraps.. so I cut strips in moon shapes, then pieced them together..

I REALLY enjoyed writing about this project and sharing the details with you. The fabric was from fabric mart, I have previously used it HERE, so technically I have 2 mommy and me tops to go with her dress.  Oh I miss my long hair. Never cutting it short again. Lol

And before I let you.. please tell me, how is my little one so grown. See this mommy and me in a blue I did last time? She as such a baby!

So much has changed since then, yet so much remains the same. Ok- before I get too emotional, let me go sew!

I’ll be catching up with you soon as I have a few more looks to share with you!

Take care and see you soon!

Vatsla 🙂

The Skirt That Should Have Been Pants! Simplicity 8655

Hi Fashionistas!

So, here I am sharing with you a project that did not go as planned.. but I could hear Tim Gunn say the entire time “Make it work”.. so I did!

I was so excited to be making a pair of pants since I have not made one in a while. I had high hopes for the perfect pant. I had the most amazing fabric and such a cute pattern picked out. But alas.. it just did not go as planned.

So long story short, after I sewed up the pants, I did my first fitting before applying a facing.. and I knew right then and there that the pants would not work for me. I did not even want to attempt the numerous alterations I knew it would take.. so my sewing adventure took a plot twist. I turned the pants into a skirt.

Here is the back view:

We all have projects that don’t go as planned.
Sometimes I feel these projects are good because they challenge our creativity. I am happy with the skirt, the only thing I don’t like is the center front seam. If I were to draft this skirt from scratch, I would have only two front darts.

I styled this skirt with a black tee and snakeskin pumps and tassel earrings. My daughter picked these earrings out for me last weekend. Aren’t they so happy?

For the ruffle, I took wide strips of fabric cut on the cross grain. I did some freehand pleating along the selvage edge of the fabric because it would not fray. I then topstitched it to the skirt. I also cut the ruffle along the cross grain instead of the straight grain.

So now let’s talk about this project. I started out making a pair of pants. I was convinced these would be the cutest pair of pants and that the fit would be amazing? Why?!! Because the pattern envelope told me so. Maybe it was overconfidence or my optimism (that’s what I chose to believe – I’m just always thinking positive haha ). I seriously expected to sew up these pants, do one alteration and end up with a fabulous fit. Boy, was I wrong. If you have had the same experience with this pattern, do share.  The pants seemed extremely high waisted, and also very long. (I am 5 feet 4 inches) This was the longest crotch ever. I knew right away that this could end up being that projects that got very frustrating very quickly. I heard my inner critic say “You should have made a muslin”.  Anyways, the reality was, that I did not make a muslin. I was still so in love with the fabric, I wanted to salvage the project. The only thing that fit me on the pant was the waist, so I decided to turn the pants into a skirt. I had to take in the side seams, back seam, and front seam in order to get a better fit. I do love these pants so much.  I am going to attempt them again, but next time I am going to make a sloper. The fit is amazing on Mimi G.

Here are the Simplicity Pants I started out with.



Have you sewn this pattern? Or have you had to hack something up like I did? I would love to hear about it!

I am already info fall sewing as you might have noticed in my recent blog posts. What are you working on?


DIY Ankara Skirts and Free BluPrint Learning All Week !!!

HI Fashionistas!

I am SO excited to share a couple things with you! 1st, my DIY mommy and me skirts that I made on Saturday night and wore on Sunday morning! And 2nd… BluPrint is hosting a Get Started event where you can watch ALL classes and shows for FREE now through 10/12! No credit card needed, its Free 99! Yay. You know I will be watching all week.  You can learn anything from sewing, to pattern making, to drawing! To get access, click HERE

If you missed the Get Started Event, don’t worry, you can still get a 7 day Free Trial of BluPrint.

Here is my latest DIY- Sunday was so rushed,  I did not get a chance to take any pictures for the blog, but I wanted to share my skirt with you. A lot of folks asked me how I got a full circle skirt with a 45 inch fabric and I will be sharing the details on that soon!


I’ll be in touch with a step by step tutorial on the pattern making and cutting for this skirt. As soon as I get it photographed! Happy Friday you guys and have a lovely weekend. Don’t forget to binge watch BluPrint 🙂 Remember if missed the event, then you can still get a 7 day Free Trial to BluPrint


Vatsla 🙂

Red, Black and Rawwrrr :)

Hi Beauties!

I hope that you are doing well and that you stayed dry in case you were in the path of hurricane Flo!

I am in Charlotte (North Carolina). We got a good amount of rain, although my neighborhood was not impacted very much. My rose bushes were destroyed but we were lucky to not get any serious damage! I spent the weekend sewing with a beautiful black ITY knit and made two black tops for fall.

The 1st one is my favorite as it has this gorgeous tie back detail on the neckline!

I made the top to be long sleeves, even though I will probably pull the sleeves up to a three-quarter length most of the time. The element that takes this top from basic to stylish is definitely the scoop neck on the back and the back tie. I paired the outfit with my favorite animal print pumps.

When I sewed up the top, the neckline on the front and back were the same because the front and back are both cut from the same paper pattern. Then I ended up free handing the back neck to be a deep scoop neck.

I added ties using my scrap fabric.

The top has a raglan sleeve and I created the pattern by copying a RTW top I had. I basically copied the pattern from a short sleeve tee and extended the sleeves, then changed up the neckline.

Here is the front and side:

Love the little details in the ensemble

I made another black top for fall, which is perfect for layering, but I will talk about that later in a separate blog post! That one is perfect for winter and fall, and for layering.

I am working on a gathered poofy skirt to go with top #1 next. So excited to pair the two and have a head to toe me made look!

I will see you soon and let me know if you have ever copied your favorite RTW tops? The pattern making was so quick and easy. I made both patterns in under 30 minutes!

XOXO-  Vatsla 🙂

Birthday Skirt in Red!

HI Fashionistas!

The month of May is a month of celebration for me and my family. We celebrated my birthday and Mothers Day this past weekend, and my husband and I will be celebrating our 9th wedding anniversary this week.

So for the month of May, I sewed up a voluminous pleated circle skirt in a beautiful red shirting fabric. Here it is:

Initially, I had planned on creating a high low dramatic hemline, and that is what I was planning on wearing until mid of last week. But after trying it on, it felt very heavy and was not too flattering on me, so I chopped it off to an even hemline about 19 inches from the bottom of the waistband to get this look.

The skirt is completely self-drafted and I will talk about that more in this post.  Here is the back view:

A bit obsessed with these owl earrings lately..

I drafted the waistband for the skirt 1first. It is basically a rectangle. For the length, I used my waist measurement, plus 1/2 inch ease, plus an extra 1 inch for seam allowance (since I stitch using 1/2 inch seam allowance to attach the zip on the back). For the hight of the waistband, I wanted a finished measurement of 2.5 inches so the pattern height is 6 inches (double of 2.5 plus 1-inch seam allowance total) 

The breeze brings out the best in this skirt lol 🙂

To get this type of volume, I measured from my side seam to side seam on my body (let’s call this measurement W) and then drafted a half circle skirt pattern on muslin using a waist measurement of W. I then cut 3 from that pattern and paneled them together. Once that was done, the waist of the 3 panel skirt was larger than my waist circumference. So then I added some pleats to the skirt to make the measurement of the skirt match the measurement of the waistband. Since the waistband was drafted to my waist, all I had to do was freehand some pleats to make the two fit. And Voila! Extra volume!

So you know I had to twirl in this skirt!

I wore it for my 39th Birthday last month!

I also wanted to share a picture of Connor. He is 3 months in this picture. He has started smiling a bit, although he is stingy with his smiles. He is such a serious lil’ dude! 


And I also ended up wearing it for Mothers Day with a DIY top. It’s a fun skirt to wear! (not the best lighting)

I hope you are having a lovely may. It is getting toasty here, we have had temps in the 90’s this past week. The summer is going to be super hot, and I plan on staying home a lot and hosting a lot of playdates to keep myself and my kiddo busy.

I’ll see you soon with my next make, a summer maxi dress!




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